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Direct Sales – Radon Testing.ie visit groups of people to offer advice and sell Radon detectors for both your Home and Workplace.
A Group could be a number of friends, neighbours, work colleagues, committees, resident associations, business networks, professional bodies, sport clubs, Unions or Parent & child groups etc.

When purchasing a Detector kit please specify on the Application Form whether it is for the Home or Workplace. Home detectors can not be used in the Workplace

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  • 2 detectors are required for the test in most type of Homes (standard detector kit). For Homes with very large ground floor area additional detectors are required.
  • The Number of detector required for your Workplace is determined from the information on the Radon testing in the Workplace page.



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(As with all short term and instant tests they are not as reliable as the 3 month test because of there short duration. Longer tests give a better average reading).

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